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Missing guest laptop from the Zielona Góra newspaper office's chatroom guest space

Photos from ouf meetups at varoius meeting spaces

There is a laptop missing from the open space guest room (from the huge couch at the open office entrance part). Our big sofas, that fit quite a few people, are the central part of our social office at the community newspaper workshop in Zielona Góra, Poland.

I left it open for the workers and visitors when leaving for snowboarding, and the community television content manager, David, simply observed that the guest laptop is gone from its previous place. The open office space was undergoing a complete cleaning by David, who was left to supervise the Zielona Gora open space community newspaper office on my absence and worked on his music and culture articles.

Our warm welcomed guests and visitors!
Please return the missing guest laptop to the community Zielona Gora office space, as that was a workplace for several permanent and guest workers and guests visiting the Zielona Gora branch community editing company and contained their privileged data, concerning their work in that particular town.

Please note that if You worked or cooperated with that particular branch office and used the open office community space earning your money with this branch, this may stop, as someone took the external authors' working interface. We might also remove all the sporting goods and private items of the branch office workers, due to the risk of theft.

Community rules
I was educated also in Britain, we left the offices open for workers and visitors to use without camera surveillance. We would love to do it in Zielona Góra, however, there were quite many people involved in the cleaning process, and the office space was open to every guest during this process. During my absence the office was opened as usual.

The laptop is simply missing from its place at the table. If you were one that helped workers to clean the open office space and moved the missing laptop to some other place, please come, help us with cleaning the space. If You have any knowledge who might have used it, try to help to return it to its previous place at the sofas corner.

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