środa, 1 lutego 2012

Czy w Polsce wybuchła rewolucja internetowa przeciwko rządom generacji 55+ ?

Do we have a Polish Internet revolution against the ageing ruling group of elderly people? Massive and sometimes spontaneous illegal demonstrations in the last January weekend in Warsaw seemed very like Arab spring made in Poland. In Zielona Gora, Silesia, demonstrations were so massive that inhabitants claimed them to be the most massive ones since the abolishment of communism. Nowadays Polish public opinion broke in two, thanks to Internet. In the new media- divide, on one side we have government-controlled media complex closely linked with the ruling coalition, that consists of 55+ generation, and on the other side we have hobbyst-run Internet media, of which some claim the title of "free media", and are oriented on younger generations. Both media target different groups, but the gap between the two has never been so deep as recently. Below, captions from Warsaw protests.

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Ilu mieszkańców mieszka wg ciebie w Zielonej Górze?